Story to tell.. Bali

Our recent visit to Bali has opened our minds to a world of brand new beauty. For us, Bali was so different and unique from anywhere we had experienced recently. We sensed a lifestyle of creativity; to love what you do, and freedom to believe you can. One thing that stood out the most about the people of Bali was their colourful culture immersed with a deep spiritual belief, hospitable locals and their grind! Though life for an average Balinese was a struggle they found love and passion in what they did. Our memories are far from activities and touristy stuff and more from feelings and small moments. It was an experience that just can't be explained. It's a culture and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced to be understood.   

BKC's journey has been an amazing one thus far. It's opened our mind and heart to a world of art and creativity that allowed us to experiment, explore, create and express ourselves through fashion. There's been times of failure and we definitely had times where we always felt we've been having setbacks when really we were just being set up! Like Bali, BKC is a reminder to ourselves of how important it is to believe in exploring new things always; to find that passion to explore, experience and share, and come back with a story to tell..  





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