How a Passion Turned into a $30 Billion Profitable Brand


How a Passion Turned into a $30 Billion Profitable Brand

Recently, we took our time to review "Shoe Dog," a book written by Phil Knight, the creator of one of the world's famous brand, Nike. This effort turned out to be an eye-opener for us, as we were amazed to discover how a passion was turned into a $30 billion profitable brand. We were fascinated by the extent to which your passion to succeed on a mission can keep you going, on a less traveled path, against all odds until you finally arrived at success.

In his memoir, Phil Knight gave an honest account of how the path to success for an entrepreneur is often riddled with mistakes, loneliness, endless struggles, debts, and sacrifice. Knight idea about shoe business was first articulated in his MBA paper at Stanford University. An idea that his classmates found boring during his formal presentation was able to get him an "A" from his supervisor and later became a world famous brand. Knight was not deterred by his classmates’ negative response because he was not afraid of walking alone in the wideness of business. He knows that entrepreneurship is a journey. A long but highly rewarding journey. Eventually, through a $50 he got from his father in 1962, Knight started to sell imported Japanese running shoes from the back of his Plymouth Valiant. In1964, after rocky relationship his Japanese supplier, he established Nike, in an industry already dominated by German giants, Adidas and Puma. Knight journeyed through many instances of near bankruptcy and failures before finally arrived at success culminating into top sales of $30 billion in 2015. Today, the name Nike, its swoosh logo, and the ever motivating slogan, "Just do it," remain one of the famous brand that can be found in any corner of world. This is what the power of passion, the power of self motivation, and the power of being you, can do for a resolute mind.

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To us at BKC, this is the kind of success story we like to tell. We celebrate both the pain and success of Phil Knight because we understand the challenges entrepreneurs faced in the process of establishing and sustaining a successful brand, especially in the over saturated footwear as well as clothing industries. No matter the odds against them, successful people always move on, they make mistakes, but they don't quit. Successful people succeed in their chosen business because they don't need other people's endorsement before they pursue their set objectives. For us at Big Kid Clothing, we believe that individuality is the new wealth. To succeed in business, you must learn to "Be You," motivate yourself to achieve the best you possibly can.

Our brand philosophy at BKC is "Be You," we take delight in helping you to be your genuine self. Through our range of unique clothing, we encourage individuals, especially the youths, to be who they want to be. Our observation of trending lifestyle shows that many young people particularly in this day and age are afraid of who they are. They lack the courage to accept themselves as they really are, pretending to be someone else for the sake of gaining acceptance. They thereby missed out on the privilege to recognize, appreciate, and develop their unique talents.

Thus, at Big Kid Clothing, our goal is to provide street brand through online selling to individuals around the world in order to grant them the opportunity to purchase a specific style of clothing which encourage individuals to be comfortable in being themselves and utilizing the brand to gain a new lifestyle philosophy. This philosophy has a positive impact on not only the clothing but on individuals’ lifestyles as well, which makes it significant for this generation in which there is a shortage of street culture influence.

Like most true entrepreneurs, Phil Knight's success with the Nike brand was not overnight. He labored through thin and thorns, but most important is that in the midst of all, he believes in himself. When his classmates were skeptical about the success of Japanese athletic shoes business in America, Knight made up his mind to follow his passion. When debts and failures were threatening the survival of his business, Knight was resolute in the pursuit of his dreams. He believes that cowards don't get things done. It is only the bold, who are ready to take the bull by its horn; those who cannot but follow through with their passion; who understands that they can only enrich others by being themselves that eventually succeed.

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For us at BKC, our goal is to touch lives. To help you to “Be You” through our unique street brand clothing. So, whatever lifestyle or street culture you have adopted, we have the right clothing for you. Visit our website at Big Kid Clothing for street culture designs that can help you to “Be You.” We can ship to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Express yourself through your style. Be who you are, be your genuine self. Listen to the advice of others, but make up your own mind about what you set out to achieve. Be you and live your life consistent with your highest values and aspirations. Those who are most successful in life have dared to creatively express themselves and in turn, broaden the experiences and perspectives of everyone else. Live your life, live your dream.





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