Streetwear is the distinctive and unique style of street fashion. It surrounds around elements of skateboard culture, hip hop and retro from the 70s and 80s. Street fashion is particularly difficult to describe, but then again, perhaps that is the best description for it. The fact that it does not fall under any description category for fashion is the spirit of streetwear. It tends to be free. There is no set of rules and trends to follow when it comes to streetwear. People comfortably wear what they want to and that has defined streetwear. It defies a lot of stereotypes embedded deeply in the society and breaks a bunch of norms and conventions. And thence it is considered a relatively contemporary style.

The idea behind the products of Big Kid Clothing is to convey individuality. It creates awareness about freedom and makes a point of not always having to give into social pressure. Conforming to society’s traditions and ways might be the easier option but it is certainly not the better one. This brand is a staunch supporter of believing in oneself and creating and defining fashion on one’s own terms. For this reason, street fashion is an ever-evolving and developing a style.

The origination of street culture was closely related to skateboard and pop culture. People wore baggy pants, jeans, tracksuits, t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers on street and soon this commonly began to define street culture. The overwhelming wave of punkheavy metal and hip-hop hit the streets with all force in the 1980s. This was the peak time for street culture. Brands such as Addidas and celebrities such as Michael Jackson supported street fashion. However, in recent years, the street culture has considerably declined. But Big Kid Clothing has made a comeback for it and has succeeded in restoring the street culture to some extent by making vast varieties of streetwear available in streetwear online stores. Streetwear Clothing Online Store Big Kid Clothing is an e-commerce store that sells streetwear online. Streetwear mainly comprises of comfortable items of clothing that people wear from day to day life. Big Kid Clothing is a streetwear clothing online store that sells comfortable and cozy items of streetwear such as: 

HoodsTrack pantsJeans, Baggy jeans, Baggy pants and shirts, T-shirtsShortsLong Sleeved shirtsHeadwearTote bagCaps, beanies, and hats..

The brand aims to create quality products that are comfortable to wear and unique. They are not fancy enough to make one feel less cozy yet they are not casual enough either for one to feel careless in public.

The items of clothing are mostly unisexual, meaning men and women both can wear it. There are no clear distinctions between the products for men and women. However, clothing is mainly designed keeping in mind men streetwear, as the demand in the market from men is much greater than that from women. The streetwear is particularly not girly or ladylike.

However, demand for streetwear has been from both genders though more from one than the other. Likewise, they have contributed to the street culture as well. A lot of rappers dress in streetwear, such as Pharrell Williams, a black male rapper and Iggy Azalea, a white female rapper. This shows just how diverse the streetwear is, spread across different genders, races, and nations.

The online store for streetwear, Big Kid Clothing, offers a subscription to its sales as well. This ensures that the customers are the first ones to know about products and sales.


BKC has blogged on its online sites that promote its company interests, write about the inspiration behind the ideas and run campaigns for what the brand believes in.

The visit to different places and the description of their colorful culture is available on the blogs; such as the visit to Bali, a lifestyle of creation and uniqueness.

There have been blogs about the brands that have inspired BKC. One such brand is Nike and its tale of how passion turned into a $30 billion profitable brand.

The site has written blogs on campaigns as well. The ‘Be You’ campaign has played a significant role in getting BKC’s message across, that no matter who you are or where you are from, you are the best version of yourself and that you should not want to be anyone else but you. Be you.

Another one of the campaigns ‘Individuality is the new wealth’ stresses upon the need to pursue independence and freedom. The blog shares the inspiring story of a popular rapper Pharrell Williams, who was a nerd in school and now he is a rapper.

These blogs help the people understand that it is more than just about business when it comes to BKC. It conveys the fundamental principles on which BKC stands. The blogs helps the brand to connect and communicate with people - BKC FAM. 

Product Delivery

Products ordered on the online store of BKC are delivered to the customers. The shipping cost is different for domestic and international shipping and can be viewed at the checkout process before the payment. Shipping cost depends on the weight of the items. The time taken for the products to be delivered is varied. It can take up to a week for domestic deliveries and much more for international deliveries. Time of delivery cannot be granted as it depends upon the distance of where it has to be delivered. Orders placed during public holidays are delivered later after some delay. The tracking number is provided to all customers after their order has been shipped. This way they can keep track of their order step by step until it is delivered. BKC provides FREE shipping worldwide to customers that subscribe. Once items are delivered they cannot be returned, all sales at BKC are final.

Contact Information

BKC can be contacted through email at Phone number is +61 449 171 622. Location is Sydney, Australia.

Subscription to newsletters of BKC is available to keep up to date with the new developments relating the brand. It also enables all costumers that subscribe FREE shipping worldwide.

Following links to the social networks of BKC are available to customers to stay in the loop:

Instagram: @bigkidclothing 

Facebook: @bigkidclothing


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