Inside scoop of BKC’s first survey and how their consumers aka BKCFAM responded.

Inside scoop of BKC’s first survey and how their consumers aka BKCFAM responded.

BKC the Clothing Brand

If you are looking for quality with a unique style-clothing brand, then, BKC is the excellent choice. It is an online streetwear brand that provides quality and unique clothing which and empowers its customers that they refer to as BKCFAM (Big Kid Clothing Family) to be themselves (Be You!) through their designs. Diversified individuals including teenagers and young adults within the age brackets of 18-24 all over the “planet” patronize it.

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What you get from BKC clothing Brand

In today’s fashion society, there are so many clothing brands out there trying to get a piece of the pie in the fashion industry; however, BKC is determined and steadfast to get a piece of it. Here’s what their costumer’s (BKCFAM) had to say:

Quality Products

BKC gives buyers access to different type of products, and high quality products, unique products, only 3% say they are overpriced and products are with good value for money. However, BKC products are majorly renowned for being unique with their designs and styles.

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Different types of Products

BKC delivers an array of premium quality products for its customers and that includes; dad hats, hoodies, track pants, t-shirts, drop crotch shorts, windbreakers, and other headwear. Results show that BKCFAM favorites their Hoodies as the best of all the products released. So, if you are interested in hoodies you now know where to get them at (that doesn’t mean other products aren’t as good). When you link in to BKC’s website, you will see several categories of blogs which include product styling, stories, look books, art, fashion and music, campaigns and many more. This makes it easy to convert potential buyers to confident buyers and be part of the family the BKCFAM.


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Different type of Clothing

As a consumer, you undoubtedly want different types of clothing; BKC saves you the stress of going from place to place in search of various items of clothing; their capsule collections includes headwear, plain tees, hood and track pants, shorts, tote bags, and so on. However, a survey showed that customers want more of hood and track pants, which BKC is acutely aware of. We anticipate on what is next on their release list.

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Discount and bonus

Not only does this brand give discounts and bonus for buyers who order for their products but in exchange for your email (SUBSCRIBE NOW) they give you in return FREE SHIPPING (!!). They also carry out competitions and giveaways, capsule releases, blogs and frequently display their content on social media to maintain relevance to their BKCFAM and fashion world.

Check them out here: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


Customer satisfaction

BKC is excellent for providing products and services with high customer satisfaction. These include;

  • Connecting with customers
  • Providing dope and unique designs
  • High quality clothing
  • Keeping up with trends
  • Building and supporting audience
  • Offering quality products at viable prices

The customer's ratings of this brand Big Kid Clothing aka BKC are inspiring as many are satisfied with their services with just a few stating the areas they need to improve on. Overall the brand BKC is highly recommended by its buyers (that are known as the BKCFAM).

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